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Too gentle a soul for this world
17 December 2010 - Bath

Ian Gascoigne
To me you were BJH, I have folowed you since 1970,and your music has kept me going through good and bad. You will be sadly missed but will live on through the legacy of music you leave behind.Deepest sympathy to Sue and all.
17 December 2010 - Sutton in Ashfield, England

See you in Heaven Dear Wooly!
17 December 2010 - Hungary

will miss his music.
17 December 2010

Geert De Naeyer
In memory of a great musician. We will miss his music but hope that John and even Less will keep his music alive.
With all our love, always
17 December 2010 - belgian

one great less in this world
17 December 2010 - india

Christopher Lindstrom
His music has meant so much to me as a songwriter and keyboard player, but also into his wonderful soul. While I never met him, his subtlety, nuanced playing, and self-effacing humor on stage connected with me deeply. I wonder if he knew how much his music has meant to so many of us. My condolences to his family and the BJH family as a whole.
17 December 2010 - Pittsburgh PA United States

Stu Berry
Never having seen the original quartet live, I feel so fortunate to have seen JLBJH live several times in recent years and to have witnessed Woolly's unique stage presence and musicianship.

Will never forget that amazing gig at Manchester in 2001.

The music you created will never be forgotten.
17 December 2010 - Hove

"Like brave Explorers bold and free,
We sail forever on the sea!"
. indeed, Woolly, you shall sail forever.
17 December 2010 - Canada

Rafael Coutinho
My deepest sympathy to Woolly's family, and to Woolly: Thank you for the music, your legacy will go on.
16 December 2010 - Venezuela

Tim Martindale
Still saddened a few days later by Wooly's tragic end. His music played a large part in the soundtrack to my teenage years - and beyond. On buying a new BJH album, I would always start with the 'Wooly track' and indeed I often find the them the most enduring to this day. I now consider myself so fortunate to have finally seen him perform some of them in recent years with JLBJH as I missed out in the 70's. He leaves a wonderful musical legacy. RIP Wooly.
16 December 2010 - GB

Unbelievable.absolutely unbelievable! How can this be! I'd no idea Woolly had any kind of mental health issues. Am just so shocked. Had the privilege of having a short conversation with Woolly after the gig at Canterbury last year, a very nice approachable guy. It appeared he was enjoying his 'second wind' on stage with BJH again, so relaxed and happy he looked. Such sad news.
16 December 2010 - Kent

God bless you Woolly -40 years of musical genius -your work will always be cherished
16 December 2010 - manchester

Eric Wolfenden
Deeply saddened by the news, I am still shocked but my thoughts go out to Sue and those closer to Woolley than me. Will always be remembered for his performances. I was privileged to be present at the Lowry concert a year or so ago when Woolley was on top form. BJH fans all over the world will miss you. God bless you and thanks for the music.
16 December 2010 - Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Mick Lynch
Thanks for explaining to me how the mellotron worked way back in the early 70's at a gig in Coventry, and thank you for the beautiful music you have given the world. I feel such sorrow right now my heart goes out to your family the band and every one like me who loved you.
16 December 2010 - Swampscott Massachusetts

Amy Gately
So sad that you're gone uncle woolly! I'll always remember you the way you were. i just wish that i got chance to get to know you better. goodnight and godbless. xx
16 December 2010 - Manchester

Patrick Cross
You were truly one in a million. Thank you for years of enjoyment. God Bless You Woolly.
16 December 2010 - Slemmestad, Norway

Robert John Godfrey
Life is the dream from which we eventually awaken to discover that “the one and the many” are the same thing and that all life is intimately interconnected through space and time.

Now you truly have Mahler ringing in your ears.

Goodbye Woolly old chum - soon to meet again.

16 December 2010 - UK

Pedro Cravo
Rest in Peace Wooly, your beautiful songs will always cherish our dreams and hopes. My sincere condolences to Family and Band.
16 December 2010 - Portugal

Stephan Vogt
We all loved the music of BJH. Thanks for your support. R.I.P.
16 December 2010 - Germany

John R
I have just been reading the lyrics to 'Someone there you know'; a song (and one of many) that meant so much when i was younger and first experienced depression. 'so if you need a friend, you can depend on me, 'cos i know what it feels to be alone'. My sincerest Thanks and love Woolly, rest in peace and my deepest condolences to Sue, your family, John and all the wider BJH family.
16 December 2010 - Gloucestershire, UK

Ian Wells
At last I hope you've found your 'Sea of Tranquillity' Woolly.
16 December 2010 - Essex, England

Stuart Sibbald
'Twas a pleasure to enjoy your many talents with John in Edinburgh 2006. You will be greatly missed. My sincerest condolences to Sue, family and friends. RIP Woolly.
16 December 2010 - West Lothian, Scotland

Anton van Kan
One year ago, a new encounter with BJH in de Boerderij in Zoetermeer after twenty years. Woolly in his best temper, optimistic, very funny and wonderfully playing his keyboards and acoustic guitar and singing. A very sad thing he couldn't find a way out of his mental problems.
16 December 2010 - Holland

Andreas Rohde
I read the news 48 hours ago and I am still shocked, can't find words. Thank you for your music and inspiration, Woolly. Thanks to whoever that our ways crossed several times. RIP
16 December 2010 - Nürnberg, Germany

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