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Steve Griffin
I have always loved Barclay James Harvest and their ethereal music and when I see any musician who has brought so much joy to others have a tragic end to their life such as Wooly I just feel sad inside. Rest in Peace and say hello to all those musicians who went before Wooly and thank you for the music.
17 December 2010 - Republic of Ireland

From the late 60s in many of the venues you played in Manchester, I enjoyed your music, RIP Woolly.
17 December 2010 - Manchester UK

RIP. You'll live forever in our hearts thanks to your great music, hammond forever.
17 December 2010 - Switzerland

Lieber Woolly, ich kann es einfach nicht glauben. Vor ca. 1 Jahr habe ich Dich noch in Bestform an den Keyboards gesehen bei uns in Essen, voller Humor,Lebensfreude und in Bestform. Ich werde Dich und Deine wundervollen Werke niemals vergessen. Ruhe in Frieden.
17 December 2010 - Germany

There's a train leaving town in an hour
It's not waiting for you
R.I.P. Woolly
17 December 2010 - not where I should be

Andi & Irene
Wir sind sehr traurig. Lieber Woolly, vielen Dank dafür, daß Du uns mit Deiner Musik über 30 Jahre lang Freude und geradezu wahren Kunstgenuß bereitet hast! Es ist gut, daß wir Dich letztes Jahr in Durlach sehen, hören und treffen konnten.
17 December 2010 - Deutschland

Ian Jenkins
I've only just found out and can't believe it. I was very lucky some years ago to become quite friendly with Woolly and only lost touch with him when he 'retired'. How I wish I'd got back in touch when he and John got together. As a keyboard player and songwriter he was an inspiration to me. RIP Woolly - you'll be sadly missed by many.
17 December 2010 - Rochdale

Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben, dass ein so talentierter und humorvoller Supermusiker auf so tragische Weise von dieser Welt ging.

Unsere Begegnungen nach einigen Konzerten werden mir immer in sehr guter Erinnerung bleiben, und Deine Musik wird mich auch künftig begleiten.

Ruhe in Frieden, Woolly!!!
17 December 2010 - WOB Germany

very sad; thoughts to the family and close friends. Always thought woolly added the timbre to bjh
17 December 2010 - moulsford oxfordshire

carlos abreu
que deus te acolha como nos te acolhemos seras eterno wooly entre nos fas dos barclay james harvest.
17 December 2010 - portugal

Dagmar Mueller
I was deeply saddened and shocked by the news. Woolly will live on in our hearts and minds. Comfort and strength may be with all those he left behind. R.I.P.
17 December 2010 - Germany

Rui Pinheiro
My Friend Paulo Faria sent to me a message last tuesday with the tragic news. i couldn´t believe. totally devastated !
The shining light of Barclay James Harvest (just the best band in the world) no longer with us here in this planet, but let me say one thing: HE will live forever in our hearts. his music, his unique talent . just HIM !!!
I saw HIM last 10th july in Gaia (Porto) - the very last gig in his life. At the end of the show, we talk together . my brother came from Angola specially for the concert and to see our HERO!
In that wonderful balmy night, HE seemed so happy. never forget HIM!
17 December 2010 - Aveiro, PORTUGAL

Thomas Schneider
In tiefer Trauer, mein letzter Gruß an Wolly einem großen Musiker.uns bleiben deine Lieder.
17 December 2010 - Germany

Very shocked I read the news that Woolly passed away.
Only once I was able to see a concert with him, John and the other members of the band. That was last year in Karlsruhe /Germany in November. I had invited a friend and the ticket was the gift for her 50th birthday. We enjoyed the concert, the evening, music and Woolly´s humor. His jokes between the songs were very much appreciated. I feel sorry for the loss of a person with a lot of humor and musical qualities.
17 December 2010 - Germany

Tony Pickett
RIP Woolly. a great undervalued are so missed.
17 December 2010 - London

Ricky Nolan
Words are never really enough. As a fan since student days in the 70's I've admired the pure heart and soul that Wooly put into the music. There was always a certain difference that he made and John was right a few years ago when he said that Wooly was the heart of the band. I was luck enough to see loads of gigs with the original line up and with his subsequent return. Without a doubt one of my favourite players - ever. Someone who could play like a virtuoso but always knew that sympathy with the song was everything. Really going to be missed.
17 December 2010 - Lochmaben

Ian Waugh
There really are no words that can comfort those close to Woolly. In the coming weeks, you must try to focus on the good times, and clearly there were many. He was one of the architects of the sound of rock music that has survived the years, and, like that music, he will not be forgotten.
17 December 2010 - Chester UK

Russ Evers
God Bless-another one taken too young. Prayers with family,friends and band members old and new
17 December 2010 - Wolverhampton,UK

Danke Wolly für über 30 Jahre meines Lebens mit Deiner Musik. Sie ist ein Teil von Dir in mir. Gruß an Mel. Good by and more of Your great Songs in the other World! Andreas
17 December 2010 - Germany

Derrick Ross
Priviledged to have seen Woolly in concert a number of times over the past few years - most recently in Perth, Scotland last December. His stage presence and sense of humour were as magnificent as his music. My sympathies to everybody who was close to him. He will be sadly missed.
17 December 2010 - Airth, Scotland

Jupe ( JESDAT )
Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.

Pocos hicieron sonar un mellotron como él .

17 December 2010 - Hondarribia, Spain

John King
I was deeply sorry to hear about Woolly. I met Woolly a couple of times and he was a gentle man and a great character and charismatic performer. He was a magician on the mellatron. I made a tribute to him on my local radio show last night - and played the Poet/After The Day from the Legacy:Live at Shepherds bush Empire 2006 CD with Woolly on lead vocals. His voice had a delicate ethereal quality to it. Very moving. Rest in peace Woolly.
17 December 2010 - Suffolk England

Simon Fletcher
Woolly RIP mate. Each man's death diminishes me.
17 December 2010 - Oldham

Martyn Jones
I am so sorry, it has taken me three days to come to terms with your passing being playing 74 live album Medicine Man played the most, rest in peace now Wolly
17 December 2010 - York

Donald John Long
I am at a loss for words, at a loss to understand the whys and wherefores of this tragic event. I have been a fan and friend of the band BJH since 1970. In this 40 years we have all celebrated together the magnificence of the music of Barclay James Harvest, in no small part due to the talents of Woolly Wolstenholme, and collaborations with John Lees and Les Holroyd. We have celebrated the uniqueness and originality of Woolly's musical visions, and his cleverness, in presenting to us his class act for the world to enjoy. It is with deep sorrow, regret and melancholy that I bid adieu to Woolly, not in the way that we had hoped, as an old man in his bed.Woolly was my age, and it is an extremely bitter shock to hear of his loss, especially since only two years ago I had to deal with the horrors of my own youngest brother's untimely suicide, which is still something of a mystery to our family.
My heart goes out to Jill, and his family, Keith and Monika, and probably most of all to John Lees and Les Holroyd, his mates for more than 40 years. He is sorely missed. May God grant you all peace. Woolly, we will meet again Beyond the Grave.
17 December 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA

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