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Ian Stewart
I am familiar with the band's Octoberon & To Earth era.I have read selected chapters of Nick Awde's book Mellotron and I am now sadly compelled to read Wooly's chapter in said book.To a band that has stood the test of time,my condolences to you and his family.
19 December 2010 - Fergus,Ontario,Canada

Sandi and Charlie (deceased)
So so sorry xxx
19 December 2010 - Delph Saddleworth

Colin Logue
Shocking news. Remember seeing BJH a number of times around Europe in the early 70's and Woolly was indeed a shining light.

Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
19 December 2010 - Australia

Peyman Moazami
Very sad. Wooly will be missed to the greatest. He was a truly gifted musician and his loss is huge.
19 December 2010 - Tehran, Iran

Graham and Margaret, Cath 'n' Doug.
Genius.Sad sad news.

Thanks for the music - what a wonderful legacy.

"Will miss you man!".
19 December 2010 - Rochdale

unbelievable!and again an old hero died
19 December 2010 - the netherlands

Paul Morgan
I first saw BJH in Edinburgh in the mid 1970's and became an instant convert to their unique progressive rock style. Woolly's swirling Mellotron was remarkable and never beaten by any other musician. BJH was THE concert of the year and I never missed BJH on tour whilst a student in Edinburgh. 35 years later I am still listening to all those wonderful BJH LP's (now on mp3) and the music is as fresh and meaningful now as it was then. Both Woolly and Mel Pritchard will be missed but their work will live in our hearts and last for ever. I hope that John and Les will continue to fly the BJH banner in the memory of these wonderful musicians. They have passed on but they still live in the music they helped to create as essential members of BJH.
19 December 2010 - Fort William, Scotland

John Garwood
Long time fan of BJH such a shock to hear of his death today especially after lisening to "Everyone is Everybody Else" only this morning he will be sadly missed. John Garwood
19 December 2010 - Hertfordshire England

Edwin McCloughan
I was devastated and deeply saddened to learn of Woolly's tragic, untimely end. He was a superbly accomplished artist and will be sorely missed by his loved ones, friends and fans. God bless him.
19 December 2010 - Ireland

Manuel Proença
Estou atordoado e sem acção pela tristeza de se ter perdido um Génio da música sinfónica.
Descansa em paz, Woolly.
19 December 2010 - Porto, Portugal

Very sad news, read it just today.
19 December 2010 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Michel Longueville
Fan from long time ago of BJH, I saw the band at the "spirit of 66" Verviers, Belgium on november 24, 2009. Wolly was very enjoying on stage, joking with the crowd. Great concert. Thanks for all the musical pleasure you gave.
19 December 2010 - Sombreffe, Belgium

Philou de Strasbourg
je viens d'apprendre la nouvelle, je suis très triste, après mel, voila wolly qui s'en va. musicien hors pair, comme les autres membres du groupe d'origine. Je n'ai pas eu la chance de le voir en concert. Les a appris la nouvelle alors qu'il était sur scène. Il a dédié immédiatement hymn. Sincères condoléances.
19 December 2010 - Strasbourg, FRANCE.

alan smeaton
A terrible loss to rock music and his family. From his solo work and with BJH Woolly will live on.
Sad days.
19 December 2010 - Scotland

Steve Mulley
A true master musician. Your feel for music will never be repeated. RIP
19 December 2010 - Suffolk

Paul & Irene
We just cannot believe the devastating news of Woolly. We have lost one of music’s special contributors. He was the king of the Mellotron and his musicality, superb arrangements, singing and terrific keyboard skills will be so greatly missed and cannot be matched. We were very lucky to be able to have a chat with Woolly last year at the BJH concert in Colchester, where he was gracious enough to sign our tickets.

Once again, we are so sad to receive this news which we know will devastate BJH, Maestoso and Woolly’s many loyal fans around the world.

Woolly, thank you for your music. Rest in peace.
19 December 2010 - Brentwood UK

Richard - Rising Sun
Woolly, Thank you so much for the big chords, the sensitive lyrics and the many laughs along the way. Desperately sad that you found this life such a trial but now you can 'sail forever on the sea'.
19 December 2010 - Redbourn, Herts

Keith Murray
Your music kept me going in the early 70's during some tough days. Seeing you first in '72 in Manchester through to last year in Portsmouth have been special moments. Thank you for all of it.
19 December 2010 - Romsey (ex Middleton)

So sad to hear this, but he is always alive in our heart, rest in peace Woolly.
19 December 2010 - Stockholm

Keith Wimbles
It is incredibly sad to hear of Woolley's passing. Although I never met Woolly, I have always had incredible respect for him as a musician since the first time I saw BJH supporting Led Zeppelin at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh in 1970. We wrote the band a letter saying how fantastic they had been, and they all responded, how kind. I shall shed a special tear for you Woolley each time I listen to The Poet. RIP
19 December 2010 - Renfrewshire, Scotland

I first saw BJH 40 years ago supporting Led Zeppelin in Edinburgh. They were awesome. I`ve been a big fan since. It is truely sad to hear this news.
19 December 2010 - Scotland

Jean Marie
Encore une grande perte pour BJH , condoléances a toute sa famille , il va nous manquer tout comme Mel
19 December 2010 - France

David Wilson
Farewell, Woolly: a true wizard of the mellotron, who has blessed us with his superb compositional skills, charismatic stage presence, humility and wit. Thank you for the joy of your music.

My deepest condolences to Stuart's family and friends.
19 December 2010 - Sunderland

David Court
Shocked and chilled to hear this terrible news. I hope that you all have the support and love you need at this time, especially Sue. His art and humour have been part of my life for forty years and always will be.
19 December 2010 - nantwich

colin h
I only just heard the announcement on Cerys Matthews 6 Music show (she is playing "She Said" as i write in tribute). A fantastic musician in a fantastic band that sound as fresh today as they did back in the day.His is an important passing and i hope he gets to read all the great things about himself and know he was the bringer of great pleasure to so many .
19 December 2010 - london

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