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I saw him a year ago for the first time in my life and could talk to him and shake his hand. Thanks Woolly, rest in peace.
23 December 2010 - Karlsruhe, Germany

David Brand
Just heard the very sad news on returning from Papua New Guinea. BJH has been part of my life for 40 years and will always remember the the great early concerts at the Free Trade Hall Salford Uni etc. Woolly "After The Day" you will always be remembered. A true musical legend. Rest in Peace. David
23 December 2010 - Australia

John Richards
Just found out from Robert John Godfrey of this tragedy. I can empathise with Woolly as I am regularly dogged by depression and have attempted to take my own life. Thye only comfort is that Woolly is now in a place safe from harm and the tortures of this planet. He lives on in our fond memories of him on stage and within the music that brings pleasure to our ears and our hearts and which has provided a backdrop to my life for decades. RIP Woolly.
23 December 2010 - Newton-le-Willows

Ian Smith
.way back to 1968/9 with BJH on Radio Caroline.Lost for a lyric now.
22 December 2010 - Lowestoft GB

Vic O'leary
You gave so much memorable music to so many, thank you.
22 December 2010 - Letchworth Garden City, England

Les mots ne me viennent pas tant de chose a dire sur toi ,mais tu n es plus pour les entendre.sinceres condoleances a ta famille.tu vas nous manquer.ta musique.ton humour.merci pour tout .
22 December 2010 - france

Donald Burnett
Great musician, great songs, great band,will love you forever!
22 December 2010 - Scotland

Carlos Benavides
Thanks for all the great music.
Rock in Peace !
22 December 2010 - Lima-Peru

Siegfried Volkert
Thanks for the great songs, they made our life better! Good journey for you, Wolly, from a german fan since 1974!
22 December 2010 - Ravenstein, Germany

Tanks for your presence in this life, bye Wolly
22 December 2010 - italy

Axel Hettich
Woolly, many thanks for those years in my youth you and BJH were accompany me - the keyboards in my basement are my memorial for you.
22 December 2010 - Gipf-Oberfrick, Switzerland

I listen your music and . i have tears in my eyes.
I look for you without hope . and i have also tears in my eyes.
22 December 2010 - BELGIUM

Daniel Fernandez
Wooly, thank you for the music. RIP
21 December 2010 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

One of the most creative people I've ever known. Lamentable loss.
21 December 2010 - Bracknell , Diggle in the 70's.

Very sad, that he took his life. But his songs are still alive!
21 December 2010 - Germany, Bremervörde

I'm still shocked. I talked with Woolly last year backstage after a concert in Berne - what a nice person. Thank you for the great music. R.I.P.
21 December 2010 - Switzerland

It's hard to believe - I'm very sad. BJH was part of my musical universe as a teen and still has a place in my heart. Rest in Peace Woolly!
21 December 2010 - Switzerland

The Leper
As a shy and lonely autistic, who has has no friendship since the age of 10, the lines "I've been looking for a time that I once knew, I could spend some happy hours just being there with you" sear the very core of my being. I am bereft.
21 December 2010

john and chris
Only found out about woolly's passing today.(Tuesday 21st). I too can go back to the early 70.s at the then Liverpool stadium .The mellotron has and always will be my favourite instrument. When woolly left the band there was a lot missing , and we felt this at their concerts. Tragically this will be a permanent thing. We will miss the man and his music , but he will be at peace I am sure. gone but not forgotten.
21 December 2010 - Liverpool uk

I'm feeling very sad. Woolly's songs will always be in my heart, and his Mellotron playing was stunning. My most sincere thoughts go to his family.
21 December 2010 - Roma - Italy

Michael Gruber
So sad to hear. A few years ago we did a phone interview for my radio show and it was a pleasure to talk to him! Woolly was very kind, a real Gentleman! Thank you for your music and Rest In Peace Mr. Mellotron!
21 December 2010 - Germany

unendliche Trauer in meinem Herzen; Ciao Woolly
21 December 2010 - Germany

Sílvia Trigueiro
I'm sad of learning this new. I grew up listening to the wonderful sounds os BJH's melodies. There is not much I can say. it's a loss, a terrible one. I hope that he is in peace. We miss you.
21 December 2010 - Portugal

Many many thanks Woolly for the very great music!!
21 December 2010 - Germany

Tracey Madden
Such a tragic loss. I had the privilege of knowing Woolly personally. He was a lovely bloke with a great sense of humour and will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. Woolly!
21 December 2010 - Oldham, UK

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