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so sad
24 December 2010 - Germany

Derek Liddard
I was shocked and saddened to learn of Woolly's death and in such a way. He must have been in great distress. I interviewed Woolly for my fanzine ON THE LEVEL back in the early 80's as a long time BJH fan and he sent me his then latest album MAESTOSO on cassette to review. It blew me away and remains one of my favourite albums to this day. I was also fortunate enough to see him live supporting Judy Tzuke. RIP Woolly you were a really nice guy and will be missed greatly.
24 December 2010 - United Kingdom

sad,sad news. RIP
24 December 2010 - Yorkshire

'Thanks to Cerys Matthews for playing 'She Said'. A true poet has left the building.
24 December 2010 - Newcastle upon Tyne UK

Antonio Zambujo
Wooly, last year's concert in Lisbon was amazing.
Thank you for all the great songs you gave us.
I've made a tatto on my arm an shoulder inspired on the XII album.
I'm going to listen " in search of England" time and time again to remember the good songs that you gave us.
Miss you Wooly.Keep on going John.
24 December 2010 - Portugal

To sad for words
miss you always
24 December 2010 - UK

thanks for the music, rest in peace
23 December 2010 - Mossley

Jonathan Osborn
You enriched our lives with your music and will continue to do so. So sorry will miss you. Rest in Peace Woolly.
23 December 2010 - Staffordshire, England

With great sadness I read that Wolly left us.
Thank You Wolly, you'll live on in the music you gave us over the years. I loved it since the early Seventies.

23 December 2010 - Germany

Wooly was and will continue to be an inspiration to me. There are few people who can be called a "mellotronist" but he leads the pack.

Godspeed Wooly.
23 December 2010 - New Jersey, USA

Greg Ford
Goodbye Woolly, and thank you. Your music continues to warm my own darkness a bit. I hope you've found a warmer light than this world offers. Goodbye my un-met friend.
23 December 2010 - Deep in the mountains of North Carolina, USA

Dear Woolly, you are a great man.
You will be with us through your music.
Hope you have found your Sea Of Tranquility.
23 December 2010 - Holland

Alexandra Prickel
Ich bin sehr traurig! Danke für Deine wundervolle Musik, Woolly. Ein Vermächtnis das uns für immer erhalten bleiben wird. Ein Geschenk eines großartigen Musikers.
Ruhe in Frieden, Woolly und Gruß an Mel.
23 December 2010 - Braunschweig, Germany

Lars Jespersen
Hello. I'm very sad to hear about Wooly Wolstenholme's dead. He will be missed. I have been listening to BJH since the early seventees and Wooly's great solo albums. The last three solo's are simply brilliant. So yes I'm very sad but his music will live forever.
23 December 2010 - Denmark

The moon's still making patterns on the water but my all time favourite music will be filled with yet more melancholy and never quite sound the same again.
23 December 2010 - Hertforshire, (ex Kingston)

john calvert
Very shocked and saddened to hear of Woolys passing. Heard only on Tues. night at concert given by THE ENID in
Manchester. Robert John Godfrey announced the sad news the stage. I believe Robert John was closer to Wooly than the other members of BJH.
Woolys contributions the BJH albums were always beautiful and breathtaking.
23 December 2010 - MANCHESTER , UK

Paul Baker
It’s taken me sometime to take this in and find the words to express how I feel with this terrible and tragic news. This was really not meant to be part of the BJH story and now there will always be a big void and an unfinished written chapter.

It’s perhaps a good time to listen to “A Waiting Game”, not one of Woolly’s most expansive piece of work, but a hauntingly beautiful piece of music with Woolly’s take on the increasingly commercial and materialistic world we all live in.

I treasure my very tiny involvement in the “coming to together” of the Last Drop album.

You will be greatly missed by many Woolly – Thank You for your music.
23 December 2010 - Norfolk

César Inca

Thank you for the music, Woolly.
23 December 2010 - Lima (Peru)

Philip Crowhurst
For years I've loved BJH and Woolly's contribution to music. Its terrible news. Rest in Peace.
23 December 2010 - England

I can't begin to express how sorry I was to hear the news. BJH's music has been so much a part of my life, as I expect many have said before. He was so witty and vibrant at the Norwich gig (Nov 3 2009) - last time I saw him. My deepest condolences to all who knew and worked with this unique and talented musician and man.
23 December 2010 - Norfolk

I saw him a year ago for the first time in my life and could talk to him and shake his hand. Thanks Woolly, rest in peace.
23 December 2010 - Karlsruhe, Germany

David Brand
Just heard the very sad news on returning from Papua New Guinea. BJH has been part of my life for 40 years and will always remember the the great early concerts at the Free Trade Hall Salford Uni etc. Woolly "After The Day" you will always be remembered. A true musical legend. Rest in Peace. David
23 December 2010 - Australia

John Richards
Just found out from Robert John Godfrey of this tragedy. I can empathise with Woolly as I am regularly dogged by depression and have attempted to take my own life. Thye only comfort is that Woolly is now in a place safe from harm and the tortures of this planet. He lives on in our fond memories of him on stage and within the music that brings pleasure to our ears and our hearts and which has provided a backdrop to my life for decades. RIP Woolly.
23 December 2010 - Newton-le-Willows

Ian Smith
.way back to 1968/9 with BJH on Radio Caroline.Lost for a lyric now.
22 December 2010 - Lowestoft GB

Vic O'leary
You gave so much memorable music to so many, thank you.
22 December 2010 - Letchworth Garden City, England

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