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Durch seine Musik werden wir Woolly immer unter uns haben!
13 January 2011 - Germany

Anna Dee
You may not remember me but you stayed inmy hotel, I also spent a week in Saddleworth with Woolly and his then partner. I found out today that he passed/ My sincere condolences for a lovely man and his friends and family. My love to you all in sorrow.
13 January 2011 - Cambridge

First met BJH Summer '71 in England and have been a follower since then, remebering many famous concerts here and abroad. Sorry for the loss, RIP
13 January 2011 - Switzerland

Holger Beckmann
Über die Nachricht des Todes von Woolly war ich sehr berührt. Sein Einfluß auf Barclay James Harvest war emens groß. Nach seinem Ausscheiden aus der Band veränderte sich ihre Musik von ihrem eigentlichen Karakter. Ich liebe seine Solo-Alben und die spätere Musik mit John Lees zusammen.Der Musiker Woolly Wolstenholm wird mir sehr fehlen.
13 January 2011 - Deutschland (Twistringen)

Gordon Smith
Such a sad loss to music, that Mocking Bird is surely very sad today. A tribute to a poor man's Moody Blues.
13 January 2011 - England

Teun R.
Met verbazing heb ik gelezen dat een geweldig toetsenist, mens is heen gegaan. Songs als Poorman's Moody Blues, zullen vanaf nu altijd anders klinken.
Zoals zo mooi gespeeld en gezongen Beyond the Grave, een ode aan een geweldig mens musicus, ik zal je missen.
13 January 2011 - Nederland

Glenn Morris
My condolences to his family and friends. Woolly will be missed among mine. He added so much to the BJH sound that I've enjoyed for so long. Farewell Woolly
12 January 2011 - USA

Beryl Sanderson-Goodley
Your music was my guide through lonely teenage nights. Sleep in peace Woolly
12 January 2011 - Derby England

Noreen Moore
Woolly, Wherever you are in this night sky, I am watching that extra twinkle. God bless you, dear man, may your maker welcome you into his kingdom and love you in all your love, Noreen xoxx
12 January 2011 - Hampshire, UK

Paul and Caroline Cox
So sad to hear this sad news, Woolly was a brilliant keyboard player and will be greatly missed
12 January 2011 - Willenhall, West Midlands

Ian P
I have heard the sad news only today, The music of BJH has enriched and influenced my life ever since I bought their first album after hearing "Dark Now My Sky" on the radio. I also paricularly recall a concert complete with symphony orchestra a little later in Romford. Woollys contribution played an integral part to the bands early success and he will be sadly missed
Sincere condolences to family and fellow band members
Thanks, once again
12 January 2011 - Chelmsford, Essex

John Eaves
So long maestro, you will be sadly missed. Your music will continue to brighten the world for years to come. God Bless
12 January 2011 - Greater Manchester

Volker Andussies
I just found out today and I am really shocked.
Woolly, sail on "The Sea of Tranquility"!
12 January 2011 - Germany

so sad, but your uniqueness and being is meant for other worlds now. thanks for letting us experience your musical talent. god bless
12 January 2011 - liverpool

I have only just found out. Absolutely gutted. An integral part of a truly unique sound. RIP Woolly and thank you so much for the joy you brought.
12 January 2011 - UK

John Duff
Such sad news. Rest in Peace Woolly.
12 January 2011 - UK

John Herzog
Life on earth is short, too short. Farewell, Woolly! Enjoy heaven!
11 January 2011 - Austria

Peter Gosling
A fan for 35 years, this is a sad loss.
11 January 2011 - Durham, England

Joe Moss
Just found out. So, so sad. I count myself priviledged to have seen Woolly at the Mean Fiddler a few years ago.
11 January 2011 - Gibraltar

Marco Enghel
R.I.P. no more words
11 January 2011 - italy

Trevor Seddon
I have only just found out (11th Jan 2011). This is tragic news of such a brilliant muscian and the the sound of Barclay James Harvest. My heart goes to his family and friends.
11 January 2011 - Denton, Manchester.

John Richardson
Woolly, You will be sorely missed but your music will live forever. I am just grateful that the memory of you performing live will always stay with me.
11 January 2011 - London

Woolly, you enriched the lives of so many people with your music, your passion and your humour. It is a comfort to know that your truly great presence will always be felt wherever and whenever your music is played. RIP
11 January 2011 - England

R.I.P wooly.Thank you for the music.
10 January 2011 - North Wales

Stuart Smith
Have been living with the band(s) since the late 70's, having first seen on the Gone To Earth tour at the Liverpool Empire and as recently as autumn 2009 at Bloomsbury. I had no idea of Wooly's struggle but comments here make it quite clear how important he was in so many people's lives. My condolences to the family and all band members, past & present.
10 January 2011 - West Sussex

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