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Not many words left to express my feeling. It's a never-met-friend who passed away. What comforts me is that his genius will never fully disappear. We all started to miss him and his musical views already. Rest In Peace for your deserve it
19 January 2011 - Switzerland

Pat Semler
I am thankful for the contributions Woolly left in music for those of us who never knew him personally. The Master of the Mellotron has lost his battle with the devils of his life but not before he left his public legacy, something most of us will never be able to do. And then there were two: BJH,Beatles,The Who
19 January 2011 - Mill Creek, WA USA

Frank Höhne
Woolly - your passing away brings deep mourning to me and us all.

You taught me how to feel music and to separate musical expression from commercial entertainment. For 30 years again and again I return to you, your music, your soul. The more the deeper.

Thank you, Woolly, for that all.
18 January 2011 - Germany

Keith Allan
I will miss my favorite keyboard player of all time.
18 January 2011 - Philadelphia Pa

evelyne chenaux
I'm in thoughts with the Wolly's family and friends on this wednesday 19 th january at 3.oo p.m. A candle is burning for Wolly in Switzerland. I hope that Wolly rest in peace for the eternity.
18 January 2011 - switzerland

Paul and Yvonne
Thankyou Woolly for shareing your life with us all and for bringing us Joy and Comfort through your wonderful music.
Be at Peace now our Friend
18 January 2011 - Rossendale, Lancs, UK

colin rankin
sad sad loss.wonderful musician lovely stage presence a big influence
in my approach to music.thanks
18 January 2011 - south africa

Jean-Philippe Damas
A part of my youth has just left. He will remain in my memory.
18 January 2011 - France

John Cox
Very upset to just hear that 'Woolly' has died. He was probably the biggest influence on my musical experiences, and hearing his soaring keyboards wafting across the corn stubble of Weeley in the late Summer of 1971 was the most moving musical experience I ever had; bringing tears of joy and pleasure to a teenager is remarkable, and proves his talent. He will be sadly and deeply missed. My thoughts also go to his family and those close to him. Happily, though, his music will live on for ever, and will still inspire those that appreciated him, and perhaps others in the future too. R.I.P.
18 January 2011 - Perth, Western Australia

Felix Kneubühl
Me, as an old Barclay James Harvest fan, was very astonished about this news. In 1990 I listened in the Hallenstadion in Zurich the sound of this beautiful music in front of the stage, and I will never forget it. I love the songs. I wish to the family all the best.
17 January 2011 - St. Gallen, Switzerland

kevin goodman
Being one of the first people to post in the book of condolences, I have been heartened by the wonderful messages that have been posted. As a sometime friend of Woolly, I would like to say, in my own small way, thank you to every single person who has taken the time to write here. At times, there have been tears in my eyes, as Woolly was a wonderfully funny, intelligent, caring and talented man. If only he knew of the genuine heartfelt outpouring of grief that has been posted here over the last month, then maybe, just maybe.

But, as a sufferer of depression myself, I know only too well how the condition can take hold.
I'm sorry I won't be able to be there for the service Woolly, but I'll be thinking of you, your family and friends during the afternoon. Farewell, and may you keep the heavenly mellotron in tune for aeons to come. Sleep well, and God bless. Our loss is heaven's gain old chum. I'll never forget the good times we had together at Hamble.
17 January 2011 - UK

Christopher Andreas Ely
Woolly,Mel,John and Les were a major part to the 'soundtrack to my life' and continue to be.I was so very glad to meet Woolly in Perth in 2009;I will never forget his wit and warmth,and of course his wonderful voice and music.My deepest sympathies to his loved ones and friends.Many,many,many of us will be at Saddleworth on Wednesday in thoughts,heart and spirit.
17 January 2011 - Edinburgh,Scotland

A terribly sad and tragic loss. Thoughts are with his family and friends, despite his leaving of a rich and inspiring musical legacy. Be at peace Woolly.
17 January 2011 - West Midlands

Andy Turner
. and then there were two, but the music lives on forever in our house. I watched the Belin video yesterday and during the song 'Titles', with the film clips of the Beatles, I realised that both great bands were now down to two surviving members - Very sad. Woolly RIP.
17 January 2011 - Leicester, England

Liane Laurier
It's been 5 weeks and i still don't know what to say.My birthday on Wednesday shall be a sad one and my thoughts will be with all who attend dear Woolly on his final journey.Gone but never forgotten,rest in everlasting peace.
17 January 2011 - Edinburgh

Bill Bisch
The December 13, 1980 issue of Melody Maker ran a very positive review and nice advertisement for the "Maestoso" album. How incredibly sad that Woolly would leave us exactly 30 years later.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Jill, Sue, Woolly's family, band-mates, friends, associates, fans and loved ones. Last, but not least to Keith and Monika for their work on Woolly's behalf, as he battled the unseen enemy with his weapons of writing and music.

In re-reading the 1978 to 1986 correspondence received, and recalling a May 17, 1983 visit with Jill, Woolly, Margaret and Richard, many thoughts of fondness, laughs, sadness, regret, etc. come back to mind. A good man, whose musical talents came to be appreciated by many, but who deserved to be known by many more.

Till we meet again, peaceful rest my friend.
17 January 2011 - New York USA

Mick Legg
For 35 years BJH have been a cherished part of my life. I only knew Woolly through his music,yet that meant so much I am hurt by his loss.My Deepest sympathy to Woollys family and friends who have lost even more. God bless.
17 January 2011 - Loughborough, England

Ian and Sue Southerington
It is so difficult to put thoughts into words at this moment.

Such a tragic loss - our thoughts are with the family.

Sleep tight Woolly - God Bless xxx
17 January 2011 - Saddleworth

Malcolm Holmes
Gone but never forgotten old friend. Part of my past when you left BJH I kept in touch all those years ago. I hope your next journey will not be so troubled.
17 January 2011 - England

Trevor Laingchild
My condolences to all. I just received the news.
White City, Guildford, Hammersmith.
Oh the memories. RIP
17 January 2011 - Toronto Canada

I didn't know you were a victim of this wretched illness. I'm saddened you surrendered to its relentless call. I thank you for letting us in to your living soul. God bless.
16 January 2011 - Huntingdon

Steve Jopson
Very sad news, one of my favourite live music memories is of BJH at Liverpool University in 1972. Woolly was one of my heroes all those years ago, RIP.
16 January 2011 - Liverpool

Mark Young
Still remember the tingle down my spine when I heard mockingbird as a teenager attending his 1st BJH Concert.RIP.
16 January 2011 - England

Domenico D'Alessandro
We all miss you, but your music and your spirit will never die.
16 January 2011 - Italy

Joao Cagado
It's sad but something we all have to pass through someday. I will always remind you and love your unique style. Thank you Woolly for your beautiful melodies and arrangements and for being part of this world.
16 January 2011 - Evora-Portugal

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