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Ian Cutting |
Another Hero gone from the stage but his light will remain
28 January 2011 - uk

patricia hannon
with sadness i heard the news,sum of our youth,sum of our lives,gone but the times never forgotten
28 January 2011 - england

julian roberts
This is such sad news. Barclay James Harvest after nearly 40 years is still the music I turn to for pleasure and often solace. This will continue but now with a new depth of meaning
28 January 2011 - yorkshire

Chaz Cozens
Only heard when I opened the latest edition of Prog. Really sad to hear this about such a talented musician; I have been following BJH since Gone to Earth and last saw them at Cambridge Rock Fest in 2009, when they were superb. Having lost a close family member suddenly this year I have some idea of how his loved ones are feeling, and I offer my heartfelt condolences and sympathy.
"Our spirits living in the waves
Survive beyond the grave"
28 January 2011 - Essex UK

Eddy Tejada London
Just got to know today!!! what a sad loss´
Love for ever
RIP woolly
28 January 2011 - Spain

Torsten Müller
Ruhe in Frieden. Danke für die Wunderschönen Lieder, die du uns hinterlassen hast. Sie sind für die Ewigkeit!
27 January 2011 - Germany

Martin Molloy
Only just found out! Having seen BJH in concert many times, this is a very sad time for progressive music.
27 January 2011 - UK

Still coming to terms over Woolly and perhaps we should also remember Mel; 7 tears ago today. RIP both.
27 January 2011 - Taffs Well

Andy K
I've only just heard too - criminally under rated keyboard player and such a tragic way to move to the next world. I hope you have found the peace you were looking for. My deepest condolences to your nearest and dearest.
26 January 2011 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Brian Stanbrook
Very sad. Words are not enough.
26 January 2011 - Caterham, Surrey

Steve Pennell |
Wow... I just heard the sad news. Thank you Woolly for inspiring me and sharing your gift with the world. Your music will live on forever.
25 January 2011 - Hartland, Maine USA

Very sad and hard to believe that one of my heros who gave me so much joy, support and confort through his music ever since I've heard BJH when I was 14, leaves this world in such a tragic way. Messages in this condolences books shows how much you were loved all over the world. Thank you so much for your music and great contribution to BJH music and for your humility. Rest in peace.
25 January 2011 - France

Doderick |
Here I sit - listening to the "Early morning" - I am sad, because the world lost this fantastic musician, this grandious composer, this wonderful and warmheartet man - I am thankful for all the concerts I joined; all the good times I had because of his music - I am sure that his light will still remain - and I am hopeful that he will move generations of keyborders on and on and on! Woolly - Rest in peace my friend!
You steered your ship to the Sea of all Tranquility -
The only sound - your voice is, like starlight so bright -
Our hopes ever high
That the songs you sung and the words we bring
Should never die - - -
25 January 2011 - where the heart of Henry III. is - Germany

You and all other heroes of my youth who passed away will live forever through the wonderful gift you gave us - your brilliant pieces of music. Thank you so much!
25 January 2011 - Germany

Perry Moree
Remembered respectfully - Moonwater flowing forever
25 January 2011 - Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

A new Eye in the Universe
I hope not Alone You Fly
You let behind You a River of Dreams
We'll never forget You !
24 January 2011 - Grenoble - France

Mike | none
Dear Wolly where ever you are now hope you`ll find your Sea of Tranquility.

Miss U

24 January 2011 - Frankfurt / Germany

Janis Ford
I am so sorry for the whole family and friends. I knew Woolly back in the 70's (from Manchester) and remember what a wonderful, warm, intelligent man he was. Although it's been a long time, he was such a musical inspiration and wonderful human. So very sad for everyone.
24 January 2011 - Temecula, Southern California. USA

Peter Brooks
May you rest in peace and rise in glory.
24 January 2011 - Lancashire UK.

rupert lenz
dear Woolly,
i was one of the happiest persons in the world because i got to know you personally. You are one of the most beautiful persons I ever came to know.
I'll never ever forget you.
See you in God's kingdom
it's very hard to go on without you in this world
see you in god's kindom
23 January 2011 - germany

Its hard to find the words that could possibly sum up how my brother & I felt when we heard of Woolly's untimely death. I feel grateful to have have seen him on stage on 2 of the 3 of the band's last tours, seemingly happy and at home. Sue's comments after the funeral are equally touching, revealing some of the man who we only saw from a theater row but whose nusic will be with us forever. Sincere condolences to those closest to him. May he be at peace.
23 January 2011 - Dartford, Kent

David Atkinson
I only heard the sad news a couple of days ago.

Fond memories of my 2nd ever concert - Time Honoured Ghosts at Newcastle City Hall (and the inflatable butterfly).

I've always followed the band and one always hopes that such musical heroes enjoy their time in the spotlight, make decent money and, eventually, retire looking back on a fulfilling career. Because of the disdainful UK press coverage since the 70s, I always wished the lads the best.
Condolences to all concerned.
23 January 2011 - Sutton Coldfield

What a tragic loss! I learnt the message today and I'm at a loss of speech. He still would have had so much to give! What a talented musician and great human being he was.
R.I.P. Wolly!
Zurich, Switzerland
23 January 2011

Antony Pearson
I have only just find out about Woolly ,Im very saddened about this as I have been a follower for 25 years.
What a great loss to the music industry and all his family and friends , I present a rock show on and Im going to play a few tracks  as tribute next Sunday at 3pm(15 00rs,repeated on weds at 10pm
Please try to tune in when we can join our thoughts together
RIP Woolly
22 January 2011

In search of old england
Although we never met - you were at my side for nearly 40 years - I´m sad that you`re gone! The LORD needed a fantastic MELLOTRON-player in his band - my heroes-well some of them fell from the stage .
22 January 2011 - Brunsvig - germany

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