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Richard McCormack
BJH and Woolly -- You get better every day -- you survive beyond the grave! And you survive so well. I will take you with me when I go, a spectacularly beautiful lifetime companion you have been.
8 February 2011 - Washington, D.C.

merci woolly
8 February 2011 - france

Arthur Hack
Woolly ... you gave the mellotron soul
7 February 2011 - Staffs UK

Andy White
I was lucky enough to see BJH at Sheffield City Hall about the time Woolly was thinking of splitting with the band. Would Woolly be there we wondered? He turned up - it was a brilliant unforgettable moment, some thing I still savour 30 years on. Thank you Woolly, thank you BJH. Above all, thank you for the music it will be with us forever.

Nova " A star that suddenly becomes much brighter for a short period of time"
6 February 2011 - UK

Peter Buijsse
Rest in peace Woolly,BJH was my favourit in my youth ,surely giving me refuge when my mother passed the same way in 1983
5 February 2011 - Netherland

Klaus Kirchner
Ich bin zutiefst traurig, Meine Gedanken sind by Wollys Familie und bei John Lees BJH, Meine Gedanken sind bei Euch
4 February 2011 - Deutschland, 24955 Harrislee,Moränenweg 3a

nick o'sullivan
the mockingbird sings
songs of regret and of loss
at your departing
4 February 2011 - ireland

Ahmad Chehouri
Just went over the sad news. Woolly, part of what I am is architected by BJH and I can never forget you.
4 February 2011 - Lebanon

Michael D Manton
Rest in Peace Woolly The Poet was the first BJH song I ever heard in my car in the early 70s I have been a fan of the band and Woolly ever since
3 February 2011 - Ambler Pa USA

mark sparky baldwin |
i had the pleasure of seeing the band with Wooly a few years ago. His humour and Wonderful touch on the mellotron made the evening. This is such sad news. RIP.
2 February 2011 - Norwich

Pierre Scheffer
Sad. So deeply sad.
I discovered BJH’s music 32 years ago, hearing Live Tapes. Since this time, in happy hours, sad or difficult moments, their songs played through my life, always taking me higher. Thank you so much, Wooly, Mel, John and Les.
Now, like Mel you’re gone, Wooly.
Rest in Peace, child of the universe, your music will stay for ever.
We’ll never forget you.
2 February 2011 - Strasbourg - France

Hugh Denning |
Rest in peace man......... The world was enhanced by your presence in it.
The music will never die the dream lives on
2 February 2011 - UK

Jorge Pato
I was privileged to attend my only live concert of JLBJH, after so many years of anxious waiting, in october 2009, and I remember how good it has been, and what a great musician and character Woolly was!We must all be grateful for the quality and inspiration of his work and legacy!May the sounds of his mellotron keep filling the rock and roll of heaven, as he did on earth, before!R.I.P. Woolly!
2 February 2011 - Lisbon, Portugal

Tamdrin |
We shall remember seeing you on stage, surrounded on all four sides by mellotrons, ARPs, an organ, a Moog, and numerous other magical sounding analog keyboards, with which you created a unique, ethereal, other-wordly sound. I guess you get to team up with Mel again. May you rest in peace.
1 February 2011 - UK

Richard Guest
So saddened by the news. Your music has been a part of life since 1974 and will remain so forever. I can only hope that you knew how much your music meant to so many people. Hope you have found peace, at last.
1 February 2011 - Atlanta, U.S.A but originally from London, England

Condolences to family & friends and in particular to his great supporter, John.
Wooly...NO REGRETS... Barry and I travelled to Wolverhampton on that great day Nov/06 and met your friends, shook your hand and heard a marvellous show. After 37 years of pictures on jacket sleeves and CD's we touched your hands and never forgot.
Thank you Keith and Monica for representing this fellow for as long as he lived. John, our herts go out to you and Sue whom we never met we are so sorry. He was some guy,wasn't he!!

1 February 2011 - Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

heard the profoundly sad event of the passing of wooly ,his songs brought light and will continue to shine in my heart
30 January 2011 - scotland

Jeremy Dunn
God bless you Woolly.
30 January 2011 - Berlin

i found out yesterday that woolly has passed over,he created light in my moments of uncertanty over the years of listening to his songs long will they live on in my heart
30 January 2011 - scotland

Chris W.
John Stuart - thx for your music,
A Prospect of Whitby and Harbour were my favorits; today I got the bad news and I am very sad - R.I.P great musican Wooly
30 January 2011 - West Germany

Beathan Reid
God bless to the family and friends
of Stuart Woolly Wolstenholme your musical
contribution and collaborations you have left will always hold a special place in my heart.
30 January 2011 - Canada - Ontario - Toronto

repose en paix
29 January 2011 - france

Ricardo Braga
Rest in peace, Big Wolly
28 January 2011 - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Dear Woolly,
I saw you and John in Eschwege at the Open Flair Festival in 1999. Even this is a long time ago, I will never forget your great performance at the keyboards. And I will miss you! R.I.P.
28 January 2011 - Düsseldorf, Germany

Oliver K.
During the last decades I felt about BJH and Woolly as venerable musicians which made songs that are worth to be called "historic". After I heard about Woolys demise I must recognize that their music meant much more to me. It was a part of my youth and I think that some songs influencend my whole life. Even if I never had personal contact to Woolly I feel almost like I'd lost a good friend because some of his songs touched me deep in my soul.
Rest in peace, Woolly and thank you so much for your music.
28 January 2011 - Germany

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