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Antonio Luis Azevedo
Venho por este meio manifestar as minhas mais profundas condolencias pela morte de Woolly.
Sendo um grande admirador e fanatico pelo Grupo e tendo assistido na primeira fila aos concertos dados pela banda em 2009 em Lisboa e em 2010
em V N Gaia, foi com uma grande tristeza que recebi a noticia da sua morte.
Espero que o John e o Les Holroyd se juntem e fašam uma tournee tanto pelo Wolly como pelo Mel.
Paz as suas almas e o meu agradecimento pelo que de bom fizeram pela musica e por mim.
28 February 2011 - Portugal

Andreas Semper
Unvergessen. Ich bin einfach nur traurig.
28 February 2011 - Germany/ Schwieberdingen

Andreas Semper
Ein gro▀er Musiker ist von uns gegangen.
28 February 2011 - Germany/ Schwieberdingen

I've been a fan of the band since 1980, it is with sadness I had the bad new of the lost of Mel Pritchard and now Woolly Wolstenholme.... I am very sad.
27 February 2011 - France

Rob Phipps
So Sad - remember seeing BJH at Leicester Uni in 1971 - we all shouted for an encore and as they had played all their songs they did She Said again - and Woolly's contribution was so importanr - so sad
27 February 2011 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Valerie Pears
So sad to hear of Woolly's passing. My thoughts are with the rest of the Band. I have been a great fan of BJH over the years, since seeing them for the first time in Bradford, 1973 and then regularly over the years. RIP Woolly.
27 February 2011 - Huddersfield

une enorme penc├ęe pour woolly , tu resteras dans nos coeur
27 February 2011 - france ( vosges )

Kevin Sterry
After a long pause and period of grieving, I've only now felt able to add a comment here. I've grown up with Woolly, and his passing is like losing a relative, a loved one. May he now rest in peace, but remain forever in my life through his music.
26 February 2011 - Notts

JOHN E CATLIN ( jecat ) | jecat at Last fm
I have only just learned of Woolly's death. I was truly shocked and upset. I have seen BJH so many times over the years , The moat at the tower of London and at the L S E and with the orchestra. He has given me so much pleasure with his music. We will miss him very much. My sincere condolences to his family......John
26 February 2011 - Bromley, England.

My wife and I met Woolly after BJH's gig at the Perth Concert Hall in October 2009 .An absolute gentleman and with no airs and graces, who took time to speak to his fans.
25 February 2011 - Scotland

Just heard the news another one of the founder members have passed away. Never saw him play live but I wish I had. Rest in peace wolly heavens music just got a little better.
24 February 2011 - Scotland

Andreas Symank
Miss you so, Thanks Woolly
24 February 2011 - Eislingen, Germany

Brian Lewis
Only just read of Woolly's passing,very sad loss.His music will live on.
23 February 2011 - Swansea

Campbell Copland and Malcolm McInnes
We still don't know what to say.
23 February 2011 - UK

David Groves
Only just heard this sad news on a day I decided to take Live Tapes with me on a car journey. Memories of BJH concerts many years ago with my older brother. Woolly you will be sadly missed but the beautiful music will always be there.
23 February 2011 - UK

Rod |
I am truly sad about this-I myself suffer from panic and anxiety disorder and am disabled and often think of suicide so I know just how Wolly felt-it may happen to me as well.....
23 February 2011 - manitowoc wisconsin USA

John Radclyffe
Very sad news. Saw the band in 1975 "Time Honoured Ghosts" at Chatham in Kent aqed 15. First and very memorable gig. "Live '74" album is a lasting legacy to the classic line up and Wooly's playing.
22 February 2011 - UK

rest in peace , wolly
22 February 2011 - germany

rest in peace , wolly .
maybe john and les will keep thinking of what happened !!!!
it┤s a good reason to work toghether
22 February 2011 - deutschland , germany

Jose Luis Ribeiro
I am shocked and numb with sadness, by the news of Woolly's tragic and untimely passing.
I would like to extend my condolences to his family and all his present and former bandmates.
Although Woolly had been absent from the rock music scene for a very longtime, he seemed to be enjoying a music revival in the past decade. Nothing seemed to suggest that he was in the grip of such demonic illness.
He was a marvellous keyboard player, wiht a very distinctive touch, who greatly contributed to BJH's trademark sound, particularly during the seventies. This is the musical legacy he leaves for all the fans to enjoy.
He'll be sorely missed.

Thank you Woolly for some great musical moments

God bless you

Winged keyboard wizards flying high
play heavenly notes up in the sky
wiht song and dance they rejoice
praise the lord for another new voice
22 February 2011 - London

Seen BJH with and without you. Still love the music. Thank you for what you gave to the world. Lepidopteras will continue to fly and spread the message of music!
22 February 2011 - Germany

Jacquie B |
Such a loss but all good music brings back the memories, including the concert when I saw BJH with the orchestra. I have been a fan since 1971 and it's like losing an old friend.
21 February 2011 - UK

Mike B
Just so sorry to see the sad news about Woolly, my condolences to his family, the band and all fans. Been a fan of BJH since the very early 70's and still get great joy from the music. A great legacy to Woolly.
20 February 2011 - Cheshire

Robert MacIver
Missed you last night in Buxton - although I guess you were there. RIP Woolly.
20 February 2011 - Cheshire

Steve S
I spent my youth watching BJH and Woolly at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester. Great band, and a great musician. RIP
19 February 2011 - Somerset

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