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Paul Rathbone
Sounds crazy but I'm 58 and I just heard Hymn for the first time. It took my breath away.Beautiful music from a beautiful man.
Rest In Peace
13 March 2011 - London

c'est la musique de ma jeunesse
j'ai pratiquement tous les albums Vynil
merci pour cette merveilleuse musique
13 March 2011 - France

Rob Cobley
BJH were a major influence in my youth and their music stays with me still. Sad news about Woolly - a truly gifted musician who I know has touched many peoples lives like mine. RIP.
13 March 2011 - UK

james craig
couldn't believe it when i read the sad news on the web. Saw John and 'Wooly' 2yrs ago glasgow.Wooly was in great form entertaining crowd.Sadly missed.
13 March 2011 - outside glasgow, scotland.

I have been a BJH fan for as long as i can remember. It is truly a sad day for me hearing this news.
12 March 2011 - UK

Marthin Stout
Never thought of going to your concerts, even though I have known and appreciated your music since, well forever. Luckily I saw you play in 2009 in NL - Woolly, you were definitely the highlight of the show! You were able to make everyone laugh while you announced the next song was about the end of the world :-) I am shocked to hear of your death! Many condoleances to family and friends!
10 March 2011 - Netherlands

Levi Alves de Cerqueira
Estou muito triste pelo falecimento do meu ídolo, sua música ficara marcada eternamente pelo resto da minha vida.

Meus sentimentos a todos familiares.
10 March 2011 - Brasil

Con immenso dolore, ma vive per sempre la tua musica
9 March 2011 - Italy

13 december 2010...The Sun Will Never Shine for Wolly. Rest In Peace, Wolly.
8 March 2011 - poland

Ray Smith
Thoughts are with your family. Greatly Admired your music and BJH through my younger years. Fond memories of that and all the shows i saw in the UK. 'the music goes on forever'
8 March 2011 - UK

caro Wolly grazie per tutte le emozioni che ci hai regalato nei nostri anni felici. Per noi fans della barclay hai rappresentato il tasterista ideale nelle nostre fantasie. Live tapes è per noi l'apoteosi del rock sinfonico grazie sopratutto alle tue melodie. Non ti dimenticheremo mai!!!!
8 March 2011 - Napoli Italy

Summer Soldier... | n/a
Very sad to hear of your passing and the inner turmoil that drove you to take your life. You helped write and play the sound track to my formulative years and for that I shall forever hold a debt of gratitude towards you. Rest in peace
7 March 2011 - uk

Stunned. Rest In Peace.
6 March 2011 - UK

Mark Green
BJH are a large part of progressive folklore, always a poor mans moodies and in my opinion so much the better for it. Much as I love the moodies, you guys were better. Woolly was a large part of that in the early days and it was a privilige to see him live with John in 2001.
A sad loss but you won't be forgotten.
Thanks for the music.
Rest well, you've earned it.
6 March 2011 - England

Geoff Dixon
I have only just learned of Wollies passing it breaks my heart to have to hear this news I have been resident in China I will miss this Mans incredible presence in a Band I love so much
6 March 2011 - Perth Australia

susan hartnett
BJH and you were a big part of my growing up will never forget you x
5 March 2011 - somerset uk

John Glover
My heartfelt condolences to Woolly's family.
I've listened to all of Woolly's and BHJ's music for over 30 years - throughout your music has had a unique, tangible influence and impact on my life.

Woolly you will be greatly missed
4 March 2011 - York

I first heared woolly while in the army.A friend introduced me to BJH (medicin man) ever since i have been a fan Sadly your death is another great loss
3 March 2011 - prestwich

I first heared woolly while in the army.A friend introduced me to BJH (medicin man) ever since i have been a fan Sadly your death is another great loss
3 March 2011 - prestwich

Steve Davidson |
As a long time fan and listener this news comes as quite a surprise and shock. My appreciation for the contributions Woolly brought to the BJH sound is paramount. As we all deal with life's challenges and tribulations we come to realize that truly, "Everyone is Everyboby Else". We share in your pain and resolve now in your peace.
2 March 2011 - Ontario, Canada

Peter Charles
Have been Thinking about Woolly's untimely passing since I heard around Christmas time.BJH have been a major part of my musical life since I first saw the band at Kingston Poly in '71 with my girlfriend(now my wife).We also remember many other concerts including The Moat at the Tower of London and more recently In Portsmouth in 2009.I have also learnt to play many BJH songs on guitar over the years.I was very pleased to hear that the Buxton Concert went so well--- the music will live on.Best wishes and thoughts to the band and Woolly's friends and relations.
1 March 2011 - liphook Hampshire UK

woolly, you see all these message.....
we miss you and we never forget you. You will always be the maestro of mellotron. For me, BJH are very important since a long time and forever.
1 March 2011 - switzerland

Simon Vinson
I have only just heard the news and I'm very sad. BJH were a wonderful band and I was lucky enough to see them play live in their heyday several times. Their music still means a lot to me and to hear that Wooly is no longer on this planet leaves me with a great sense of loss. God Bless you Wooly for all the music you created with your fellow band mates, your legacy will live on. Simon
1 March 2011 - Melbourne, Australia

Fernando Manuel Rodrigues
I just knew today of the death of Woolly. What can I say... the people I grew up admiring are disappearing. He and Rick Wright are two keyboardists I certainly will miss. Both discrete and tremendously influential.
28 February 2011 - Portugal

António Luis
Venho por este meio manifestar as minhas mais profundas condolencias pela morte de Woolly.
Sendo um grande admirador e fanatico pelo Grupo e tendo assistido na primeira fila aos concertos dados pela banda em 2009 em Lisboa e em 2010
em V N Gaia, foi com uma grande tristeza que recebi a noticia da sua morte.
Espero que o John e o Les Holroyd se juntem e façam uma tournee tanto pelo Wolly como pelo Mel.
Paz as suas almas e o meu agradecimento pelo que de bom fizeram pela musica e por mim.
28 February 2011 - Portugal

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