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David Henry
Only found out about this tragic loss, my heart goes out to Woolly's family friends and former musicians.BJH live in my heart forever after guiding me through the 70's and 80's fond memories. So sadly missed RIP Woolly may the keyboards fill heaven!!

1 April 2011 - Whitehaven Cumbria England

I just read about it & I just can't believe it; such a loss for the Mellotron lovers!
1 April 2011 - CANADA

je suis bien triste de cette mauvaise nouvelle.

R.I.P wooly
30 March 2011 - france

Richard Anscmbe
"Like brave Explorers bold and free,we sail forever on the sea!!" W.Wolstenholme.
RIP Wooly you were part of one of the best bands ever.
28 March 2011 - Wetheringsett

Hans Fohr
Only today I learned about the death of Woolly. Being an astounded fan of BJH for some 30 odd years it was a great shock to me. May you rest in peace Woolly!
28 March 2011 - Hilversum / Netherlands

ram ben yaaqov
just today i was told about so sad, words can not tell what i
28 March 2011 - ISRAEL

Martin Sanderson
So sorry to hear this news. BJH were the first band I ever saw live and I still play more of their music on my iPod today than any other band. Woolly, you were a genius and a legend and I thank you for enriching my life. God bless.
27 March 2011 - Essex

Jenny Smyth
As a Life long fan of BJH I am very sad to hear of Woolly's death, his brilliance is a great loss to the world of Music, RIP
27 March 2011 - Devon England

david privett
dark now my sky
27 March 2011 - brighton

Oh.. didn't know until now.... its a big loss! Now he is a child of the universe..
26 March 2011 - Germany

gary gehringer[captain nemo]
what a great man now hes gone.john lee just keep on rockin.god bless
25 March 2011 - u.s.a.

John Waller
Thanks for the music Am at the moment playing Time Honoured Ghosts
23 March 2011 - UK Somerset

Susan Tolman
I didn't even know.... what a loss.
21 March 2011 - Yorkshire

Ich habe sie leider nie live zusammen gesehen, aber ihre Musik hat mich bis heute begleitet und sie tut es immer noch. Ruhe in Frieden!
20 March 2011

Nima Maleki
Literally grew up with BJH in the house. His voice and musical presence will be sadly missed.
19 March 2011 - United Kingdom

Dave Lavin
We steered our ship to the sea of all tranquility........I had the fortune to roadie for Woolly and BJH many years ago,and sat in on many rehearsals, so it came as a shock to hear he had left us all. God bless, God speed, and sing that Hymn in the roof of the world!Miss ya man!
19 March 2011 - Mossley - Manchester

Davie Watt
I've been a fan since early seventies, all my kids grew up with BJH playing in the house. So sad to hear that Wooly has passed away..
But the music lives on .. " Thanks Wooly "
19 March 2011 - Fraserburgh , Scotland

Haggis Mcleod |
My Condolences go to the family and friends of a man I only met once, Bristol 83/84.
I can't express my sadness at learning of Woody's passing.I am a child of BJH
I have enjoyed every song written till X!! when i lost the feel. God bless Mel and Woody and god bless John and Les.
You have been my ever present reminder of all things good.
19 March 2011 - Glastonbury - Please John, come and play.Never thought I w

Chris Handley
Very sad news. BJH were the first rock concert I ever went to. I have been a firm fan ever since.
18 March 2011 - Surrey UK

Graham Martin |
Thanks for all the music, the inspiration and for introducing me to Mahler!
17 March 2011 - Great Britain

S Bradbury
Only just heard.I knew Woolly from Art School as a kind, gentle young man and so very talented.Rest in peace Woolly, so very sorry.
17 March 2011 - UK

Malcolm Pohl
I first heard Woolly and BJH back in the early 70's on a bbc broncast and said "This is the best concert I have ever heard and 40 years laster I still say the same. I am also the proud owner ov every album avalable in the states and still listen to them at least twice a week. He introduced me to the Mellotron and will be greatly missed!
16 March 2011 - Fall River, Ma, USA

Matt Cooke
'and when all the words are gone, there's still the thought to carry on'
16 March 2011 - UK

What a sad untimely loss, BJH's music was and still is a huge part of my enjoyment of music
15 March 2011 - UK

RIP Woolly, your voice and music was the soundtrack of the brightest part of my youth.
Thanks for this, so much. Forever.
14 March 2011 - France

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