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R Garcia
I discovered your music very reciently. See you, Woolly.
11 June 2011 - Spain

Maria Oliveira |
Thank you Wooly for your wonderful music to BJH. I'll never forget you.
9 June 2011 - Portugal

Alan Fielder
Just heard about your untimely passing Woolly. Sleep well and thank you for an amazing soundtrack to life. It just won't be possible to forget you.
21 May 2011 - Southampton

Paul Whorton
I was going back in time on www and something made me look up BJH having fond memories from the 70's. Am very sorry to have learnt of Woolly's death. I hope he's singing on the banks of the sunshine in heaven and enjoying God's rainbow.
19 May 2011 - Shropshire, UK

John A Pickup
Being a massive fan of BJH, I was priviliged to meet Woolley at his then home in Greenfield,Saddleworth. He was kind enough to give me a signed pullout sleave from the XII album which I still have today. My world will be much different from now on. RIP Woolley, I hope you have found the peace you were searching for.
12 May 2011 - Cheshire, UK

First Mel and now you Woolly, just heard the sad news, but you live on in your music and so you are with us until we pass on.
12 May 2011 - London

one of my mellotron heros; RA is an alltime favourite.
RIP Woolly
10 May 2011 - Spain

RIP Woolly, one of the shinning stars in the prog rock world!
2 May 2011 - Hong Kong

Chris Wright
As a major player in my favourite band ever I trust that you can now rest in peace.
2 May 2011 - England

Nick T.
Farewell Woolly. My youth passed away with you.
28 April 2011

so very sad,,,only just heard the news,,what can i say? "gutted"....
24 April 2011 - colne lancs uk

I love the music of Woolly and BJH. I will miss him. R.I.P., Woolly
22 April 2011 - Germany

Claudio Maffei |
Can't believe it... Woolly, I really thank you for the deep feelings you gave us through BJH albums... RIP
18 April 2011 - Italy

Andreas Spiethoff
I saw Woolly and BJH in Munich in 1976. They transformed a cold winter evening into a splendid time of light, warmth and empathy. Thank You so much.
16 April 2011

Unvergessen! Spiele gerade Woolly`s MOCKINGBIRD - und mir wird wieder bewußt,er ist durch niemanden zu ersetzen! Woolly, Du bleibst einzigartig, und Du wirst für immer unvergessen bleiben!! FÜR IMMER!!
15 April 2011 - Germany

Coralie |
I still can't really believe it, and was in shock for a while back when it happened. Wasn't really sure what to put here. I feel quite lucky to have toured with Woolly and the others, and he really was a special guy. I especially used to enjoy him sitting with me and reading my gossip magazines on the plane, he seemed to know more about Kerry Katona than me :D But what a lovely, eccentric, talented and interesting man. I will treasure my memories of Woolly forever. RIP. x
15 April 2011 - Hertfordshire, UK

Albert Siebenlist
Happy Birthday Woolly. I raise a glass for you. But "The sun will never shine".
15 April 2011 - Germany

Rodney Lunn
First saw BJH in Bradford in the early 70s, & last saw John Lees BJH in Portsmouth in 2009,when the years just rolled back! JLBJH were brilliant that night. Now just getting news of Wooly's passing greatly saddens me & my wife , both long time fans, Woolys orchestral leanings made BJH what they were, the best group in the UK!. More recently I had been getting into Maestoso & again enjoying Woolys compositions. Very glad we saw JLBJH in 2009, though no doubt they will continue on, it cannot be the same unfortunately. God rest you & Mel, both will be sadly missed by many.
12 April 2011 - England

Andy Matthews
Just found out and still reeling with the shock - Woolly's music touched my life deeply and it was a privilege to have finally met him on the 2006 tour. Am playing 'In Search of England' now and bloody crying, which is the first time I ever have for a lost musician...says a lot, I guess. RIP, mate and thank you.
10 April 2011 - Essex England

sincereres condoléances toutes mes pensées vont a sa famille ainsi qu'au reste du groupe! c'est un groupe que j'adore depuis les années 80 et je les écoute régulièrement
9 April 2011 - france

John Cumins
Woolly is not only a great loss to his family, friends, life long fans but also the world of rock music. One of the best memories was the concert in the 70's at Weely in Essex........ BJH appeared with the orchestra as the sun was setting, she said followed by certain mocking bird and many more life long masterpieces. Many agreat concert followed with even more moving tracks and albums. Never to be forgotten, always in our hearts, we love you all for the special moments that BJH gave us over the years. Rock on never cease providing the best memories & moments never to be forgotten, Shine on Woolly
8 April 2011 - England

jim hendrickson
to the bjh family sorry to hear of the
loss of wolly. we have loved bjh since
the 70,s. thanks for all the great music.
8 April 2011 - washington state usa.

Robert Tompkins
I was really hoping that JLBJH with Woolly would tour the western US and I would finally be able to see them. I never saw the original BJH and I really wish I could have. So sorry to hear of his sad battle with mental illness. A real loss and a shock.
7 April 2011 - Colorado, US

5 April 2011 - Scotland

Gordon Cockroft
I've just learnt of Woolly's passing, such a sad end to a wonderful talent. My first BJH gig was in 1975, and WW's melodies still linger. Play on wherever you are Woolly!
1 April 2011 - Somerset, England

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