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Frances Robinson
It is that time of year again.
Your uniqueness and creativity is still being remembered, Woolly x
12 December 2011 - London

evelyne chenaux
13th december, one year ago,it's very so sad. Woolly, I think about you. I hope that you are now in peace in paradise.
12 December 2011 - switzerland

Michael Hawkins
I was given an album in 1970's as a present, my very first album! It could have been by anyone, but it was BJH! Never heard of them I grumbled, but out of politeness decided to listen to it! What a present it turned out to be! Only got to see you once in Liverpool but was a memorable evening! Your wonderful music lives on in the glorious Bay of Bootle! RIP Wooly!
11 December 2011 - Liverpool UK!

Michael Harkins
Dear Wooly,

I hope that you finally experience the peace that you were never able to find in this life.
Yours truly has always loved your music, and will until the end of all things.
4 December 2011 - Philadelphia, PA.

Kevin Goodman |
Nearly a year on from the sad passing of Woolly. I still visit this page, and am always cheered by the wonderful posts placed here. RIP Woolly, my friend.
1 December 2011 - UK

David McMillan
Dear dear Woolley. Your music damn near saved my life when I was 16, back in 1971. Those first four BJH albums still get played 40 years later. You invited me to your home for dinner in 1981 - what memories I still have of that special January day. And many years later, you politely declined my offer of smuggling a few treats into your York hospital room, but still thanked me a few weeks later with a postcard from France. I will never forget you, or the effect your music has had on me. It set the compass, and there has been lttle to compare ever since. God bless you.
30 November 2011 - York

Christine Psimada
Dear Woolly,
I'm the girl who appears in photos from a gig in Athens on this website. I've grown up, but I still remember this day, your quiet energy, your good nature. I'm glad I've met you, even for a while. I'm studying Psychology now, so I'll have the chance to help people with mental health problems :)
You may be resting on the wings of love, but your music still lives on and you inspire me a lot!
See you in another world.. Keep on rocking! :)
27 November 2011 - Athens, Greece

Glen Wood
You blew mw away in Manchester in 1970, the first concert I ever saw. I love the fact that your music lives on. RIP
24 November 2011 - Wakefield , England

un grand musicien nous a quitte sincere condoleance a ta famille et a tes amis dominique suisse le 22 11 2011
22 November 2011 - suisse

David Easton
Your brilliance will never be forgotten. I enjoyed the concerts in the 1970s and still listen to BJH today.
7 November 2011 - Aberdeen,Scotland

David Usmar
Woolly, hope you are raising a storm in heaven. Sadly missed but always loved.
23 October 2011 - United Kingdom

Dani Cortes
Sempre amb nosaltres. En Mel i tu per sempre estareu amb nosaltres. Salut!
11 October 2011 - Catalonia

rupert lenz |
dear Woolly,
not a single day goes by without me thinking of you... and slowly, one by one, the pain of loss makes way to thankfulness of what I've been given and, through the legacy of your music, am still able to share in the here and now. Well, i didn't make it to TV yet ( as you said to me I should ) but at least my voice gets heard through some Internet-radio-stations now... and having been featured in a show alongside your recording of "Galadriel" ( with the Mandalaband ) sure felt strange... you know, i can't see myself playing in the same league with yours, really, but after having done "The Iron Maiden" once this year to encouraging response I'm working hard now to add one of your "big ones" ( you know, the ones that are "too complicated" for me... ) to my repertoire... i will not perform it until i get to a stage at which i feel comfortable with my singing and playing, though, so it may take me a long time, still, but I won't give up on it... promised...
and, by finally seeing through the chord-structures i may even improve my songwriting... I'm so amazed with what you've done, I'm still learning like a schoolboy... and for one time at least i believe this has to be said ( so I am justified for making a second entry here ): YOU WERE THE BEST !
Thanks for your support, I am eternally grateful and if there's justice somehow, somewhere, then you are now in a place in which you live on eternally happy, free of any pain and doubt,
finally getting what you truly deserve and we, poor as we are, were not able to give you... thanks, too, for the ( on my behalf ) little that we COULD...
for what you gave was so much more...
may it be rewarded
4 October 2011 - Germany

1 October 2011

Tony John
I could never understand the emotion that many people feel when a popular artist dies - until I heard of the passing of Wooly Wolstenholme. Then I understood. I was devastated. To say the impact that BJH and Wooly's music had on me was profound is a vast understatement - all the way back to some of my fondest memories as a teenager in the early 70's. We truly have lost a great artist.
24 September 2011 - Ohio-USA

Richie Dobbyn
May you RIP. Thank you for your music & contribution to Barclay James Harvest.
21 September 2011 - Waterford Ireland.

Robert Gerrard |
Oh God. I'm so upset. If it were not for Woolly Wolstenholme, I would not be playing keyboards today with Think Floyd. His writing, arrangements, sounds, everything were so RIGHT in my mind. I loved his work, and aspired - still do - to create tunes and atmospheric arrangements that come close to what he did with such apparent ease.

I wanted to see him playing again last November, but clearly that was not to be as he was unwell, and I had a gig clash too.

R.I.P. Woolly. Thanks. Love. Hope we meet one day in a better place.
12 September 2011 - United Kingdom

Mark Howard
Once said that BJH were a breath of fresh air. still are.

Knee deep in brown ale and woodbines

Quintessential music

Thank you woolly
3 September 2011 - UK

The song 'Beyond the grave' apart from being a musical masterpiece it is also in my opinion a prophecy. It says much about the author who I believe was a very spiritual person.We are sure of that if we listen to 'Ra' track.
My thoughts go for his family.' A thing of Beauty is a Joy forever'
2 September 2011 - somewhere

martin yeardley
our sorrow, as fans, is nothing compared to that of his loved ones. we will miss your talents and remember you for what you gave to the world, which remains your great legacy. bless you for being one of my heroes
1 September 2011 - Malta, Qatar and Oldham

Dear Woolly thanks for being here. You were a great inspiration to my life since I was 13.
25 August 2011 - Germany, Bavaria

WHat a sad new!! Woolly's music always remembered me of my beautiful childhood in my home country Morocco. He is a such talented musician.Rest in peace Wooly, you will be missed but your music play on in our hearts. i never got to see you perform live, but i have the DVDs and music of your unforgettable performances.Thanks so much for giving us so much wonderfull music to remember you by.
25 August 2011 - Seattle US

Lubor Grigorescu
Jeden z Andělů mého mládí.
One of the Angels of my youth
24 August 2011 - Czech republic

Bill Peter |
I met him once, when BJH played at the City University, Lonon, where I was on the Ents Committee. A true gent.
20 August 2011 - Aberfeldy, Scotland and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Je viens d'apprendre le décès de Woolly. C'est une perte pour votre groupe dont je suis fan depuis que j'ai écouté la première chanson au milieu des années 70. Je n'ai pas manqué un concert lors de vos passages dans la région Est de la France. J'ai pu admirer votre dernière prestation à Colmar à la foire au vins (08/2011). Quel plaisir de voir que la magie s'opère toujours entre BJH et son public fidèle ! Continuez à nous faire rêver, je pense que c'est la plus belle preuve de reconnaissance que l'on puisse faire à Woolly.
18 August 2011 - FRANCE

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