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Bjørn Bugge
I've known for a while the sad fact that Wooly passed away and I take this oportunity to pay my respects to a great musician who, together with the rest of the band greatly influenced my musical taste from the mid seventies onwards. Master of the mellotron! RIP
10 February 2015 - Norway

Memories of a great band of musicians who influenced my childhood, Thank you Woolly and Mel, not forgotten
30 January 2015 - Northern Ireland

Lyndon Herring
Having been a BJH fan since my student days in the late 1970's, I was very shocked and saddened to hear of Woolly's death in 2010 - following that of Mel back in 2004. I last managed to see Woolly and John perform, brilliantly, at the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton on 12.11.06 - and I recall John having to rebuke Woolly for being too energetic and moving too quickly from one track to the next! He was full of energy that night! I absolutely love his compositions: In search of England, and Beyond The Grave, etc. It is a tragic loss but his legacy of great music lives on and fills me happiness.God bless you Woolly.
3 January 2015 - Derbyshire, UK.

Bill Bisch
Another day given to enjoy Woolly's music, as we remember him.
14 December 2014 - New York State USA

David Easton
4 years have passed since that day but you and your music live on in our thoughts. Thinking of your family and friends.
13 December 2014 - United Kingdom

Rupert Lenz
Woolly. unforgotten. is what you will remain.

"Death's no stranger
No stranger than the life I've seen
Still I cry
Still I begged to get you back again

Gone from mystery into mystery
Gone from daylight into night
Another step deeper into darkness
Closer to the light"

(Bruce Cockburn)
13 December 2014 - Germany

Jur Wijsman
It is remembrance day: Here I sit watching the day out.To think nothing much, just agree with my thoughts. Tomorrow the sunday bells are ringing.
13 December 2014 - The Netherlands

Peter Holmes
Only just found out about Woolly's passing, I'm badly out of touch. What a tragedy. I loved his music, and the early BJH material (especially 'Short Stories') has always moved me. Rest in peace, mate, you're in a better place now.
22 November 2014 - Buxton, Derbyshire, UK

Been way out of touch with music in general the past few years, only for some reason tonight I wanted to hear Moonwater again. Until then I didn't even know Woolly was gone. Made Moonwater seem even more moving than I remembered. Curiously, I turn 63 in a few weeks too.
10 October 2014 - UK

Mike Dales
Just learned about Woolly this morning when I searched his name for old time's sake. Very sad to hear of his passing. Many happy hours spent listening to his great music, including 4 live shows in Leeds (74 & 75), Edinburgh (06) & Perth (09). Thank you for the memories.
21 August 2014 - Perthshire, Scotland

Simon Mason
Listening to your solo stuff just now while coming to terms with a similar illness. You are sadly missed, Woolly RIP.
31 July 2014 - Kingston upon Hull

Peter Johansson
Why Wolly? You were not finished on Earth!
6 May 2014 - Gothenburg Sweden

Jon W
So many wonderful live shows - the electric fire to warm the mellotron - memorable music never to be repeated
28 February 2014 - UK

Tom Robinson
In 1975 - as a member of Cafe Society it was my honour and pleasure to make Woolly's acquaintance when we toured with Barclay James Harvest in 1975. We opened for BJH on the whole Time Honoured Ghosts tour, and Woolly was the one member of that band who was unfailingly friendly and considerate towards us. Headline acts in those days seldom if ever took any notice of their support acts (and maybe that hasn't changed much). So Woolly's kindness - and the respect he afforded us as fellow musicians - was both unusual and deeply appreciated by us all. It's certainly something I still remember with great warmth nearly forty years later. It was devastating to look him up online this afternoon for old times' sake and learn that he had struggled so long with depression, and finally lost his battle as recently as 2010. Woolly, you were one of the good guys and I hope with all my heart you're in a happier and more peaceful place now.
27 January 2014 - London

Webmaster comments   Many thanks, Tom. I have fond memories of that tour, too, as the first time that I saw both BJH and yourself, although it would be more than a decade before Woolly became a personal friend as well. A lovely man, and much missed. Keith Domone.

Tim Clarke
Toured with BJH in the 80's in France and Germany, working for Zero Productions and Mama Concerts, co-ordinating local production issues. Although Woolly left the band too early for me to have known him personally, his influence on the core sound of BJH is indesputable. His voice on original Mocking Bird recordings remains their iconic anthem for me to this day. Great memories of John, Les, Mel (also sadly missed) and not least guest musician Kevin who accomplished the onerous task of matching Woolly's keyboard skill.
Thanks to Keith and Monika for making all this available online.
17 January 2014 - Sovereign Harbour UK

Allan Wright
Keith Emerson talked about his flying squadron of keyboard players after the death of Jon Lord. You undoubtedly were in that hallowed group! Another of my icons no longer with us. What a trio in Heaven, though: You, Richard Wright & Vincent Crane.

RIP Woolly.
4 January 2014 - Melbourne, Australia

Ian Chennell
Always in our thoughts and hearts, a great musician and poet, and a gentle and humble man. Respect and thanks WW.

"Things that would make you believe what I say
I'll tell you myself and I'll show you some day"
13 December 2013 - Ballan, Australia

Jur Wijsman
Touching in remembrance: Sea of all Tranquility: That the songs we sing and the words we bring/Should never die. Woolly in console.
13 December 2013 - The Netherlands

Bill Bisch
We remember and reflect. Celebrating Woolly's life on this third anniversary.
13 December 2013 - New York State USA

It's that time of year again and the weather is just like it was that day. Three years can be an age, but tonight it feels like only yesterday. And it hurts just like it did then.

I miss you, Woolly.
26 November 2013 - Cornwall

Ian Jenkins
Saw John and the band at Holmfirth last night - passed Woolly's old house in Greenfield on the way and couldn't resist just saying hi to the man as I passed. Great times, great songs, great memories - forever missed.
17 November 2013 - Rochdale

Stuart Naylor
Just listening to North and what a fantastic tribute to Woolly (and Mel). That Johns ability to put into lyrics the deepest of emotions is amazing and for BJH fans legendary, but this just goes beyond. On leave, yes, says it all, and then some. I remember St George's hall, Bradford, very earl 70 s and at the end they threw BJH badges into the audience. No chance, not a prayer, but at the end went down to the front to try and find one. No, not a chance. Until Woolly appears to pack his Melotron away. And pinned on his bell bottoms(yes, 1972) a badge . To be my badge. We were all so young then, we grew with the band and matured as they did. At Leeds varieties, saw Woolly for the penultimate time, saw, as he couldn't sing, full of cold, but laugh, what a performance. Then back in fine voice at the picturedrome. Thanks, BJH for On leave, a masterpiece of true emotion.
19 October 2013 - Doncaster

Derrick Ross
'The best of cronies and the straightest of men'
10 October 2013 - Larbert, Scotland

Philip McHugh
After many years occupying another world I am deeply touched and saddened to know of the passing of both Woolly and Mel. How poignant are pictures of youth alongside images of age. Sense of loss, sense of what can never be again is so strong. English men of restraint and perception gone forever it seems. Even as a boy 'The Poet', 'After the Day' and 'Mockingbird' all spoke to me as I roamed the Pennines - how much more they talk to me now. I am making acoustic guitars and if one is the highest quality I will seal it on 13th December as my tribute to the musician that is Woolly Wolstenholme. Surely a better place awaits us all. Deeply moved and profoundly sad.
9 October 2013 - Bedford (but my Heart is in the North country)

Robert S. Grafetstetter
A long time passed by but you're still a part of my life. Now and forever! We miss you Woolly, R.I.P.
30 September 2013 - Germany

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